Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

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Project Description

The Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, in the heart of the province of Biscay, is a natural space which, due to its extension and degree of conservation, constitutes the most important humid zone in the Basque Country. In this reserve one can enjoy the biggest diversity in terms of its landscapes and ecology in the country.

With more than 220 square meters and situated in the shire of Busturialdea, Urdaibai is a natural jewel which will not leave you feeling indifferent: forests which fall onto the sea, fine-sanded beaches, abrupt cliffs, a mouth of the river which is full of life and lovely towns which are full of history and culture. In Urdaibai natural spaces intermix with human presence in a perfect symbiosis. Thus, we can find human footprints in the prehistoric caverns of SantimamiƱe, not to mention the Roman enclave of Forua or the medieval Ruta Juradera (route that the Catholic Kings, their followers and the Sirs of Biscay used to take in order to swear their allegiance to local laws).

Without a doubt, Urdabai is a different place, an ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy the magic of the Basque Country: landscapes, culture, nature, leisure and first-class gastronomy.

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