San Fermin in Pamplona

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From the 6th to the 14th of July, those who love strong emotions can enjoy some very lively festivities in which tradition, culture, fun and wantonness are mixed: Sanfermines.  To be honest, Sanfermines are celebrated since the 12th century in honour of St. Fermin, a saint which was the bishop of the city and preached Christianity.

The festivities begin every year on the 6th of July at midday. Thousands of people from Pamplona gather around the town hall the “chupinazo” is launched, a fire work which brings a start to the festivities. Many are the activities which take place (the procession, the fire works…) but, without a doubt, the main act in the festivities is the famous “encierros”.

Born after the need to carry the bulls from the pen to the bullring for the evening bull fights, the “encierros” progressively gained importance until they became the spectacle they are today. Running in front of 600-kilo bulls armed with huge horns is not something you want to do if you are suffering from heart problems.

But, as every festivity has an end, the night of the 14th the people from Pamplona say goodbye to the Sanfermines while singing “pobre de mí” (poor me), traditional song which puts an end to 9 days full of laughter, fun and dancing.

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