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The town of Getaria in Gipuzkoa is situated on the Cantabrian coastline, just 30 km from Donostia- San Sebastian. Getaria is a delightful fishing village that stands out for the interesting way it stretches out into the sea, in the shape of a mouse.

This pretty town’s activity revolves mainly around the fishing and tourism industry and it has a port which is perfectly designed for both purposes.  The port is joined to the town by a dike, “El ratón de Getaria”, a small peninsula that ends in the mountain of San Antón, and that gets its name from its peculiar shape. A narrow winding road climbs up to the top of the San Antón Mountain, from where one gets a magnificent panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding mountains.

If we venture into the town, we can highlight the medieval houses and the 15th Century San Salvador Church. Also, Getaria is the birthplace of two renowned figures: Juan Sebastián Elcano and Cristóbal Balenciaga, an important explorer and a famous fashion designer respectively.  In fact, the town has dedicated a street to Elcano, where we find the traditional fishing houses with their bright colours together with the more majestic houses, and it offers the Balenciaga Museum, a place to discover the legacy of this genius of the fashion design.

Finally, you must remember to visit the beautiful beaches of Getaria and taste in its Txakoli wine with its own denomination of origin.

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